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These sample courses are provided as a public service to the senior care industry by Silverchair Learning Systems. As sample courses, students are not granted continuing education credits for having completed them. Registration is required solely to access the sample course and creates no obligation or cost.

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Available Courses

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PC - Range of Motion and Proper Positioning

A sample course that demonstrates the importance of range of motion and proper positioning in individuals being cared for.0728

How to Document ADLs

A sample course on how to document ADLs.

Corporate Compliance

A sample course on what corporate compliance is and the benefits of a compliance program.

Care of the Cognitively Impaired

A sample course on care of the cognitively impaired.

HH Payment and Reimbursement

A sample course that provides a basic understanding of how home health care agencies are reimbursed by Medicare.

HIPAA Security Rule

A sample course that provides general security awareness training for senior care staff to satisfy the requirements of the HIPAA 1996 Security Rule.

Emergency Preparedness in Long Term Care

A sample course about developing an emergency preparedness plan in the event of natural and man-made emergencies.

Preparing for Pandemic Influenza

A sample course about developing a pandemic influenza outbreak plan in your organization.

About Diabetes

A sample course covering the basics of diabetes to improve needs assessment and care.

HH Preventing, Recognizing, and Reporting Patient Abuse

A sample course that helps home health caregivers identify, appropriately respond to, and report situations that could be considered patient abuse.

AL Accident Prevention and Management

A sample course that covers methods for ensuring the safest possible environment for residents in Assisted Living communities.

Resident Lifting and Transfers - sample course

This sample course covers ways to reduce the risk of back injury for nursing assistants, nurses, and other caregivers who transport residents/patients and/or lift and turn residents/patients on a regular basis.

Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace.

This sample course covers techniques essential to handling conflict in the workplace.

Hospice Care - Managing Pain from a Palliative Care Perspective.

This sample course covers how to assess pain, how to describe its treatment, and how to determine factors associated with pain in older residents.

MED - Medication Pass - Sample Course

This sample course provides a basic foundation for safe medication administration and should be individualized for each facility to conform to their policies and procedures and raise awareness of the potential for medication errors, and describes methods to minimize the risk of harm to residents.