Help with Logging In to access your training:

logging in:

Enter the required information in the fields on the login page. Generally, this will be your Last Name and ID Number. Click "Log In". Please ask your administrator if you have forgotten your log in information.

Login Page

After you log in you will be taken to the 'My Learning Center' page that shows you a list of your current work.

Occasionally, when you login, you will see an announcement panel on this page. This will usually contain messages from the company you work for or the people responsible for your training.You should pay attention to these messages.

My Learning Center

You will be automatically logged off if you stop working on the computer for an extended period of time. However, you won't lose the work you've done so far because the system saves all progress. The exception to this is when you are taking a pre-assessment, review, or post-assessment test. You will have to restart those from the beginning if you exit midway through.

If you have any questions, please contact your Service Delivery Team at 866-689-0846 or Email.